CACESA is a purely Spanish-owned company that develops and manufactures proprietary technology, a wide range of products in different finishes and levels of complexity among them the following: truck stops, rubber seals spongy and compact, funds for terrazzo , compact pieces of large, compact roll flooring, chipboard for playgrounds, supports and seals.
Nuestra Historia

1965.The company is founded and begins to produce in a small neighborhood of Madrid.

1971.It opens new facilities in Fuenlabrada 1000 m2.

1990.You start making together with the purchase of large press pan (3x5 meters).

2003.Transfer to Moral of Enmedio. Nett current 3500 m2). Start making structures and supports for Expansion joints for bridges of 330 mm.

2008.Cacesa reach production levels of 300 tons of processed rubber.
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How to contact us?
Phone: +34 91 609 34 63
+34 91 690 09 94
Fax: +34 91 609 40 72
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Where to find us?
P.I. San Sebastián C/Lomo, 2
28950 Moraleja de Enmedio
Apartado de Correos 38
28944 Fuenlabrada (Madrid)